What Early Adopters of the Patient Performance Enhancement Test (PET) Have Been Saying:


Bonnie Deveau, R.N., Vice President, Quality & Risk Management:

“We feel that . . . this program gives us the opportunity to evaluate a patient’s ability to follow through on their discharge plan from a diverse perspective. The PET questionnaire allows the patient to self examine and articulate their lifestyle through a tool that quickly synthesizes areas of potential non-compliance. The team is alerted to potential issues and can focus on those areas of concern to assure a higher level of success when the patient arrives home.”


Scott Rusk, M.D., Chief Medical Officer:

“It is critically important for hospitals to identify patients who are at risk for non-compliance with their medical plans or follow up care, whether after an acute care hospitalization or when facing chronic illness. The Patient Performance Institute’s goals, vision and scope are directly aligned with those of Mercy in this area. Specifically, through the PET test, PPI is helping us create individual care plans that increase value to the community while decreasing costs, thereby better allocating the limited resources available.”