PET Training and Support Services

Once your organization decides to utilize the PET, PPI offers a detailed training and education program, developed and delivered by our team of experts on discharge planning, education and provider administration to your team.

We walk your staff through the following, among other topics: (a) discussing the PET with patients; (b) using PET results to make plans with and for patients; (c) improving communications with patients using their PET results; and (d) integrating the PET into your overall discharge program.   We work with our provider clients to shape the training program to best fit the organization’s culture and the scope of the use of the PET.

After the PET gets integrated into your program, we provide on-going support services through on-site visits and telephone support to answer questions, address hard patient cases and generally enhance the application of the PET in your organization.    Re-fresher training is also readily available.