About Us

The Patient Performance Institute

The Patient Performance Institute (PPI) is dedicated to developing tools and processes to improve patient outcomes and health care provider quality, efficiency and performance.

PPI’s experienced team recognizes that we are living through an era of great change in the health care industry. Fee-for-service reimbursement is being phased out across the provider and payor spectrums. In the hospital and physician practice markets, gainsharing, pay for performance and other payor initiatives are gaining substantial traction. Consequently, such providers, non-profit and for profit alike, are increasingly subject to financial consequences directly related to patient outcomes.

While health industry stakeholders are working intensively to make their own internal improvements to advance patient outcomes, no one has yet addressed comprehensively the role of the patient in this process. PPI was founded to provide such patient-centered solutions, by developing unique, practical strategies to address the impact of individual patient characteristics on outcomes – strategies that lead to improved outcomes and cost effective customized interventions when and where it matters.

PPI’s fundamental services center around the Patient Performance Enhancement Test (the PET), and aiding providers in reshaping their internal processes to maximize the value of the PET and improve outcomes. PPI has assembled a team of individuals with psychiatric, hospital administration, social work, compliance, legal and other relevant backgrounds to advise clients in the implementation of the PET.

Building on the PPI’s team broad experience, PPI also offers traditional consulting and strategic planning services in areas which align with its general vision. Examples of these service offerings include setting up gainsharing/accountable care arrangements with payors; improving reimbursement processes internally at providers; and improving compliance processes.