About The PET

The Patient Performance Enhancement Test

The Patient Performance Enhancement Test (PET) is a uniquely comprehensive tool for health care providers to identify the non-medical factors that impact a patient’s ability to follow medical instructions and achieve the best outcome. It focuses on the major non-clinical areas shown by studies to impact outcomes.

Unlike any other existing product, the PET provides you with a full snapshot of the patient in a single reporting profile ready for widespread implementation among your busy staff.

Fewer than 60 questions, the PET can be completed in as little as fifteen minutes, though it may take longer for some patients. Ideally, the patient self-administers the questionnaire, but in settings where the patient is unable to do so, a nurse, social worker or other professional can ask the patient the questions and record the answers. PPI provides training and guidance in the implementation process to make the process work in your organization.

Once the patient takes the test, PPI provides electronic results identifying vulnerabilities swiftly back to the provider, which is then able to use focused interventions before and after the patient is sent home. A copy of the results can live in the patient’s medical record, and be shared with his or her other physicians, nurses and other practitioners.

This easy-to-use, one of a kind tool provides unique insights into each patient, allowing the use of customized solutions to address those personal traits which will impact the patient’s ability to care successfully for himself or herself. Health care providers now have a missing piece of the puzzle to complete the push to improve outcomes in today’s health care industry.